Snowman Competition Winners Announcement

The Sundeck Snowman Competition 2019 winners announcement

Thank you for all entries in our competition. We got 25 entries this year. Those snowmen made lots of visitors smile at the Sundeck!! The Sundeck Staff decided the winners last night at the Season End Staff Party.

1st place: Entry No.21 ‘Snigloo Sundeck’ by the Roberts Family.
2nd place: Entry No.8 ‘Sassy Sabine’ by Madonna, Sharon Claydon, Sharon Schofield and Trinity Hunt.
3rd place: Entry No.7 ‘Tree Panda Family’ by Joscelyn and Iris.
4th place: Entry No.1 ‘The Snowy Martins Band’ by Mabel, Elsa, Anna, Robyn and Sam Martin.
4th place: Entry No.23 ‘Brangayne Betty’ by Charise.
6th place: Entry No.16 ‘Gretel’ by Ashley, Hannah & Adelaide.
Congratulations. We love all your works. For the winner, the Roberts Family get a weekend for 2 people next season!
See you next year!!