Snow Report

There is valid scepticism with snow reports as they are usually prepared by the resorts who want to paint the best possible picture. We will update this page regularly throughout the season. It will be an honest assessment of conditions.

Conditions as at: – August 7

Excellent conditions here after more snow last week. And it has been cold which keeps the snow in great condition. It is with a heavy heart that I write this knowing that lots of people want to be here but are locked down in Sydney and other places.

The hotel is open to the public for food and beverages (limited numbers) and we have plenty of empty beds thanks to the Sydney / Newcastle lockdown and interstate border closures.

The BAR is OPEN from 10 am and lunch is available from 12 to 2pm.


Here are a few tips I’ve picked up over the years:

Snowy mountains weather usually follows Adelaide. 15 degrees and raining in Adelaide usually means we’ll get snow within 24 hours. The lower the temperature the better quality the snow – so 13 degrees and raining in Adelaide is great – but perhaps not for those in Adelaide!

How many lifts are running and in particular is Mt Perisher operational – particularly the Eyre and International T Bars. They now make snow between the chairs on Mt Perisher.

Interesting link:

The SLOPES website  has interesting stories related to environment issues. And this is one of the articles – quite amazing chart of the snow depth at the Kosciuszko National Park